Tips for mothers to know before the start of the new school year

The beginning of your children’s new school year is an important and important moment. To ensure a successful and distinguished school experience, here are some tips that mothers should know before the start of the new school year:

1-Stimulate curiosity and willingness:

Encourage your child to explore his new world in a curious and positive way. Talk to him about what he will expect at school and what the new adventures will be like.

2-Organizing the schedule:

Organize your daily routine well, including bedtime and wake-up time, and set aside a time to study and a time to play and rest.

3-Preparing school supplies:

Make sure you have all the necessary school supplies such as a bag, notebooks, pens, and other tools. You can also encourage your child to choose his own supplies.

4-Talk about feeling and feelings:

Support your child when he expresses any anxiety or fear he has about the beginning of the school year. Let him know that he can share his thoughts and feelings freely.

5-Contacting the school:

Talk to teachers and find out how to support your child during the school year. His academic progress and interaction with the school must also be monitored.

6-Encouraging reading and learning:

Reading books and doing educational activities help stimulate understanding and enhance knowledge. Support and encourage your child to love reading and learning.

7-Focus on nutrition and health:

Make sure your child eats nutritious, balanced meals and maintains a healthy lifestyle, including adequate sleep and exercise.

8-Encouragement and positivity:

Urge your child to achieve his goals and work hard, and always be motivating and encouraging. Your positive support for your child will be essential to his success.

9-Time management:

Teach your child how to manage his time effectively between studying and other activities, and how to set his priorities.

10-Maintain communication:

Maintain strong and effective communication with your child’s school and stay informed of developments in his studies and behavior.

A reminder that maternal support and guidance play an important role in the success of the school year. Good preparation and strong support help children to face challenges with confidence and achieve their best performance in school.

Do you have another tip you’d like to share to make the start of the school year easier?

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