• Basic soft Turkish wool with high neck EGP350.00

    The basic one-size Turkish wool pullover looks like a distinctive piece in the world of clothing. This pullover is designed to keep you warm and stylish on cold days.

    Here are some details about this product:

    The Basic Pullover is made of high quality Turkish wool, making it warm and comfortable to wear. These materials help retain heat and stay warm on cold days.

    The Basic Pullover features a one-size-fits-all design, making it easy to choose and suitable for most people.

    Elegant Style:

    Thanks to its modern and simple design, you can wear this pullover on various occasions, whether formal or casual. It is a piece of clothing that adds a touch of elegance to your look.

    Various colors:

  • Cotton Undershirt with elastic sleeves EGP160.00

    Introducing our Cotton Undershirt with Elastic Sleeves, designed by Le Voile from Roka Style. This versatile undershirt combines the comfort of cotton fabric with the convenience of elastic sleeves. It serves as a reliable base layer for your outfits, providing a comfortable and stylish foundation.

  • Full chemise cotton Body EGP205.00

    Introducing our Cotton Hijab basic wear, a versatile and comfortable option for enhancing your hijab style. Designed by Le Voile brand from Roka Style, this bodywear features a full sleeve shirt made from 100% cotton fabric. With its softness, breathability, and exceptional quality, this bodwear is a perfect addition to your hijab collection.

  • Pumped cotton Body EGP175.00

    Introducing our Cotton Hijab Undercap, a comfortable and essential accessory for your hijab collection. Designed with a base cap and pump brand Le Voile from Roka Style, this undercap provides a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to style your hijab with ease. Made from soft cotton fabric, it offers breathability and versatility, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

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