• Peacock Print Soft Women’s Blouse EGP490.00

    “Soft and Elegant Peacock Printed Women’s Blouse: Comfort and Style in One”

    Indulge in the sheer elegance of our “Soft and Elegant Peacock Printed Women’s Blouse with Ruffled Sleeves.” This exquisite piece blends the softest fabric with a stunning peacock print, bringing vibrant colors to your wardrobe. The delicate ruffled sleeves add a touch of romance and sophistication. Perfect for both casual outings and special occasions, this blouse effortlessly combines comfort and style. From the soft fabric to the intricate design, it’s a true fashion statement that reflects your individuality and unique sense of style.

    Product Details

    • Soft and comfortable fabric
    • Beautiful peacock print
    • Ruffled sleeves for a romantic touch
    • Available sizes: [M / L / XL /2XL]
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